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Vacuum and blower systems are commonplace in food manufacturing facilities. Bakeries, flour mills,


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The 2016 Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition was held May 3-5 at the Donald E.


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This article will examine in detail four of the five acceptable WAGD implementations under NFPA 99


AISTech 2016, steel's premier annual technology event, returned to Pittsburgh May 16-19 at the


Most printing facilities use vacuum for one process or another.  I recently spoke with Jesse
Vacuum pumps are used for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, but not all vacuum pumps are created equal. Before selecting a vacuum pump, take a look at the following questions. Knowing the answers will not only help you streamline your purchasing timeline, it will also ensure you get the right vacuum pump for your application.
The 2016 WEFTEC Technical Exhibition and Conference was held September 24-28 in New Orleans, LA. The 2016 event made the list of the top five largest and best-attended events in the conference’s 89-year history. A total of 20,113 registrants and 1,006 exhibitors using a net of 28,000 m2 (301,900 ft2) of space attended WEFTEC. The event featured 130 technical sessions, 29 workshops, 9 facility tours, and numerous other educational and networking events. “The success of this year’s conference reflects WEFTEC’s decades-long tradition of innovation, education, and dedication,” said WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill. “From programming to attendance, WEFTEC 2016 was another outstanding chapter in WEFTEC’s history.”
Blower efficiency is a justifiable concern during the design and selection of aeration equipment. However, efficiency may not be the most important consideration in aeration blower applications. In many cases the blower with the highest efficiency will not provide the lowest energy consumption! Blower turndown is a parameter that is generally more important than efficiency in optimizing energy use.
Industrial process operating loads and optimal set points are not usually accurately known at the time of design, so often there is significant mismatch between equipment and the process it serves. To overcome this uncertainty, designers typically oversize equipment. Over time, process changes and equipment efficiencies decline, so equipment might be operating less efficiently than at start-up. Or, equipment can be undersized, thereby hampering the entire system and causing other inefficiencies to compensate. For instance, too much steam usage in the dryer section of a paper machine can occur because of inadequate vacuum at the wet end.