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September 2019 Edition

September 2019 Edition

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Industrial Blower & Vacuum Systems

How to Choose Vacuum Pumps for Chemical Distillation

By David Aguirre, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

Distillation, degassing, drying, filtration, membrane separation, adsorption, and crystallization are all among the separation processes that rely on the differences in the physical properties of substances in a mixture. Distillation relies on the differences in boiling point or in vapor pressure versus temperature characteristics. Heating, evaporation, and condensing are the tools used in distillation that separate the liquid constituents in a liquid mixture.

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Pneumatic Conveying Helps Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients Manufacturer Safely and Efficiently Meet Demand

By Doan Pendleton, VAC-U-MAX

A major challenge our customers face is the way bulk materials are supplied to the market. We needed a material handling system that would keep up with our demand, ensure worker safety and limit manual manipulation of material. The VAC-U-MAX team designed and manufactured a material handling system capable of conveying over four and half million pounds of powders per year that now allows us to continually meet our growing business.

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Aeration Blower Systems

Helping Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Facilities Save Energy

By Blower & Vacuum Best Practices  Magazine

Leidos Engineering, LLC., is responsible for implementing the Wisconsin Focus on Energy® Large Energy Users (LEU) Program in Wisconsin. Blower & Vacuum Best Practices interviewed Leidos Engineering’s Joseph Cantwell, P.E., Senior Energy Management Professional, Focus on Energy – LEU Program, to learn how the firm works with Focus on Energy to help wastewater treatment facilities in the dairy state reduce energy consumption and save costs.

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The Basics of Aeration Control Valves – Part 2

By Tom Jenkins, JenTech Inc.

In the first of this two-part series on the basics of aeration control valves we examined valve fundamentals and basic equations for analysis. Here, we look at interactions between valves and discuss new flow control technologies.

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