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AERZEN Expands Delta Hybrid Screw Blower Series


For 160 years, AERZEN has been developing high-performance machines for industry and continuously driving the development of compressor technology with innovations. The latest coup: the new sizes of the successful Delta Hybrid series. The innovative screw blowers with direct drive using gear wheels, optional IE5 synchronous permanent magnet motor and integrated VFD are digitally ready and impress with maximum energy efficiency, the smallest footprint, maximum user-friendliness and absolute process reliability. A compact plug and play solution for the highest demands.


The innovative screw blower series offers an IE5 synchronous reluctance permanent magnet motor as well as a an integrated VFD.

AERZEN rotary lobe compressors, also known as screw blowers, stand for the highest level of innovation, uncompromising quality, exceptional energy efficiency and unconditional reliability and are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications. With the innovative further development of the successful series, AERZEN is now taking the next step. The future-oriented design sets new scales regarding energy efficiency, durability, machine footprint, digitalization, low noise levels and maintenance requirements, making the new sizes an absolute high performer in process air generation.

The new Delta Hybrids provide reliable, 100% oil-free process air and operate highly efficiently and economically in an extended turndown ratio of up to 1:5. Energy savings of up to 37% compared to conventional blowers are possible. This is unique on the market and supports applications in a targeted manner to greater resource and cost efficiency. This major leap in efficiency is achieved thanks to a sophisticated technology concept that is precisely tailored to customer requirements. The most important components include an innovative compressor stage with new, highly efficient screw rotor profiles and internal flow optimization, a direct drive for the use of motors with energy efficiency class IE4 or IE5 including an integrated VFD and a smart oil system. The synchronous reluctance permanent magnet motors also offer high efficiency in partial load operation.

The robust design ensures unrivalled reliability. Even under the most difficult environmental conditions, the Delta Hybrids ensure safe operation. The new screw blowers are designed for intake temperatures from -40°F to +122°F and therefore cover an extended field of application. An optional acoustic hood for outdoor installation allows the machines to be used even under direct weather conditions. Delta Hybrid packages are ready for immediate use on delivery and take up a minimum floor space. The space-saving side-by-side installation and the excellent volume flow per square meter value result in smaller machine rooms and thus lower building investments. Massive capacity increases can thus be realized in the smallest of spaces.

The intelligent AERtronic package control system is already integrated and takes over the efficient control and monitoring of the Delta Hybrid. All data can be transmitted to the master control system and accessed via browser, tablet or mobile phone. The result is maximum machine availability, reliability and efficiency.

The new Delta Hybrid sizes achieve a maximum sound pressure level of 75 dB(A), making them among the quietest on the market in their performance class. Thanks to the flexible modular system, the silencer technology can be selected to comply with customer and application requirements. Operation and maintenance are performed exclusively from the front and rear. The exceptionally long oil change and maintenance intervals reduce service costs. The drive components are completely maintenance free. The machines are already filled with oil on delivery and can be easily transported by pallet truck, forklift truck or crane.


Industrial plants all over the world are supplied with gaseous media using AERZEN blowers and compressors. The innovative AERZEN machine technology represents experience gained over more than 160 years of company history. The AERZEN product portfolio includes rotary lobe compressors, positive displacement blowers, turbo blowers and screw compressors and, in addition to standard products, also offers customized special solutions. Digital services can be used to increase efficiency, availability and productivity in a sustainable and future-oriented manner. In addition, AERZEN After Sales Service offers a full range of services – from full maintenance contracts to repairs and modernizations of existing plants. For more information, visit