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USA-Manufactured ZRD Rotary Valve from Coperion

Coperion Rotar ValveThe Coperion rotary valves are highly regarded as top-quality products in the plastics, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and minerals industries around the world.




The Coperion ZRD rotary valve is specially designed for food, mineral, plastics and chemical applications. The valve is engineered for heavy-duty industrial service with pressure differentials up to 21 psi(g) [1.5 bar(g)] and temperatures up to 212°F [100°C]; higher temperature options are available. The ZRD is often used as a discharging and metering valve for conveying products in powder and granular form.

An extensive range of sizes is available, with large throughputs ranging from 500 to 400,000 + lb per hour (subject to bulk density and application). The valves have a pressure surge-proof (pressure shock) rating of 145 psi(g) [10 bar(g)], and are suitable for isolation according to NFPA standards (for select sizes up to 12 inch). The ZRD comes standard with air purged seals completely mounted with plastic or stainless-steel tubing, solenoid and filter regulator with gauge. Standard seal option includes the popular T3 PTFE and quad ring assemblies, eliminating the need for air purge in most applications. In addition, the ZRD comes with a sealed-for-life outboard bearing arrangement, separated from product, with and without purge gas by way of a dedicated relief opening.

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About Coperion

Coperion is the international market and technology leader in compounding systems, feeding technology, bulk materials handling systems and services. Coperion designs, develops, manufactures and maintains systems, machines and components for the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and minerals industries. Within its four divisions – Compounding & Extrusion, Equipment & Systems, Materials Handling and Service – Coperion has 2,500 employees and nearly 30 sales and service companies worldwide. Coperion K-Tron is a brand of Coperion.