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ULVAC Technologies Inc. Opens California Office

ULVAC Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of production systems, instrumentation and vacuum pumps for technology industries, has opened an office in Santa Clara, California. The Silicon Valley office location gives West Coast ULVAC customers easier access to the company's sales and service operations. It also locates company operations closer to the Japanese headquarters and various Asian markets. The new location will include a vacuum pump and leak detector repair center to serve the regional customer base.


Ulvac Opening

The new California location will include a vacuum pump and leak detector repair center to serve the regional customer base.


A new product line for ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is Vacuum Cooling Systems for use in large-scale farms to extend the product shelf-life of fresh agricultural products, flowers and meats. These systems are also used in the processed foods industry as well, to extend the life of products, such as airplane meals. Local demonstration capability of the new Vacuum Cooling System is planned for the Santa Clara location.

"Much of the vacuum cooling market is located in California, and the new Santa Clara office puts us in close proximity to major customers," said Wayne Anderson, ULVAC Technologies, Inc.’s President/CEO. "The Santa Clara office will serve as a business development hub within a technology-rich region, enabling us to expand our market share in semiconductor, MEMS and other high-technology industries.”


About ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is an international corporation designing and manufacturing systems for industrial and research applications utilizing vacuum technology. Our products cover a broad spectrum of markets including, equipment for semiconductors, MEMS, solar, flat-panel display, automotive, medical, electrical, and refrigeration industries. ULVAC Technologies uses a class-10 process development laboratory and customer-demonstration-facility to meet the unique needs of their different markets. ULVAC Technologies is a subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc., made up of 39 companies engaged in most sectors of the vacuum industry. For more information, visit