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ULVAC Introduces VS Single-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. has introduced the VS Series of single-stage rotary vane pumps for a wide range of industrial vacuum applications. The ULVAC VS650A and VS750A are robust, install-anywhere pumps, with speeds up to 750 m3/h. These small footprint, all-in-one pumping powerhouses are built for high reliability and ease-of-maintenance.



The ULVAC VS650A and VS750A are “install-anywhere” pumps with speeds up to 750 m3/h.


The VS Series models are available with air or water-cooling, offer low vibration and are affordably priced. Featuring a built-in oil-cooling fan, and simple to clean oil-mist trap, these compact units take up far less space than conventional single-stage rotary vane pumps. To increase pumping speeds even further, a mechanical booster pump can be added for speeds up to 3,100 m3/h. Typical applications include: evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, vacuum drying, gas exchange and leak testing.


About ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of production systems, instrumentation, vacuum pumps and components for the semiconductor, MEMS, solar, flat panel display, research automotive, medical, electrical, and refrigeration industries. ULVAC Technologies uses a class-10 process development laboratory and customer demonstration facility to meet the unique needs of their different markets. ULVAC Technologies is a subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc., made up of 39 companies engaged in most sectors of the vacuum industry. For more information, visit