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ULVAC Introduces LS Series Dry Screw Pumps

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. has introduced the LS series of dry screw pumps as a high performance, more compact and lower cost replacement to multi-stage dry Roots pumps for a wide range of vacuum applications. With four pumping speeds from 120 to 1,000 m3/h, the LS series provides high pumping speed, compact size and low power consumption in a low-cost package. 

ULVAC LS series

 ULVAC’s LS series of dry screw pumps are offered as a lower-cost replacement to multi-stage dry Roots pumps.

The ULVAC LS pump features a pair of conical shaped, variable pitch, deeply machined steel screws that allow the pump to be 1/3 shorter in length and 1/3 lighter in weight than other screw pumps in the same pumping speed class. The advanced screw design also increases the pumping speed near atmospheric pressure, allowing the LS pump to deliver a 20% faster pump downtime while using less power.

Power consumption of the pump is no more than 0.6 kW upon reaching ultimate pressure. A specialized built-in silencer reduces the noise level to not more than 61 dBA. The lighter weight and smaller size of the LS series pumps compared to other dry pumps makes them excellent candidates for easy retrofits. When repairs are needed, cost and time is half that of a typical multi-stage Roots dry pump.


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