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Sulzer Adds HST™ 30 to HST Line of High-Speed Turbocompressors

Sulzer announced the addition of the HST™ 30 Turbocompressor to the HST™ line of high-speed turbocompressors. With maximum input power of 300 kW and a maximum flow of 12,000 Nm3/h (400 hp, 7,600 scfm), the HST 30 turbocompressor offers more flow and pressure at a significantly higher efficiency than its predecessor, providing significant savings in the energy consumed by low-pressure air compression in both wastewater treatment and industrial processes. 

Sulzer HST30

The HST™ 30 Turbocompressor.

With the addition of the HST 30 model, Sulzer offers the best efficiency for an even wider range of flow and pressure. The new turbocompressor builds on field-proven technologies of the previous Sulzer third generation high-speed turbocompressors. It incorporates both near-silent operation, uniquely efficient air compression, and an advanced but easy-to-use control system.

The HST 30 turbocompressor features updated versions of the active magnetic bearings that are becoming the industry’s first choice in this size range. It also includes a new permanent magnet motor design, built specifically for this duty. The machine is cooled with air only, meaning there is no liquid to mix, fill up, check, or exchange. There is nothing that can leak, freeze, or boil off.

All cooling air filters are well protected by the front door, but can easily be exchanged in seconds. Thanks to the horizontal shaft and inlet direction, the replacement of integrally geared turbos and multistage centrifugal machines is straightforward. It also provides a flexible pipework configuration. With filter boxes for wall or floor mounting, as well as silencers and valves for all relevant flange sizes, the HST 30 turbocompressor is one of the most flexible machines of its kind both for new builds and replacements.


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