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Pro-Closure Sound Enclosures from Hardy Pro-Air

Hardy Pro-Air Systems & Service presents the Pro-Closure, a sound attenuating enclosure designed to meet the most demanding needs of industry, taking into account environment, economics and process. The Pro-Closure can provide up to 18 dBa free field noise attenuation and a secure environment for equipment.


Hardy Pro-Closure

The Pro-Closure can provide up to 18 dBa free field noise attenuation.

The Pro-Closure is available as an engineered solution, or for retro-fit. Standard design features include acoustically insulated steel sound panels, vented pressure relief valve, power ventilation of the enclosure and more. The Pro-Closure also features an integral gauge panel, providing readings on the system pressure/vacuum, the inlet filter restriction and the blower discharge temperature. With easy access for maintenance, timely service can be performed in order to change oil, air filters and maintain V-belt drives.

The Pro-Closure can be custom engineered to specification. With specialty materials available, Hardy Pro-Air can customize the Pro-Closure with temperature control based on heat calculations, as well as engineering plans for project management.


About Hardy Pro-Air

Hardy Pro-Air is the Dynamic Result of the merger and integration of independently successful systems design and sales of Hardy Systems with the service & manufacturing expertise of Pro-air Service. Organized as a division of Meyer Machine & Equipment, we are focused on Sales and Service of air and material handling equipment for companies and municipalities nation-wide. Our Systems group brings to the table the ability to take projects from concept all the way to start-up. With our veteran staff we can consult on possible solutions to meet the most demanding applications. We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of any situation. We take pride in offering the service to support your organization for the equipment that we sell in addition to other manufacturers. For more information, please visit