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Maxumizer® Air Blower Systems Optimized for Air Blow-Off and Parts Drying

Maxumizer® Air Blower systems feature durable, long lasting, science-based designs using less energy than conventional systems, and are optimized for powerful blow-off and parts drying. This permits them to provide higher output with less energy in the best performance range for surface blow-off and drying applications. In most cases this design will use 30-50% less horsepower while running at much slower speeds.



Maxumizer® Air Blower systems provide higher output with less energy.


Maxum's unique approach to air blow-off is illustrated in its innovative drive system. The Maxum Bearing Bridge™ drive system permits industrial parts drying and air blow-off systems to use less energy and effectively run on less horsepower at slower speeds, while lasting longer. This science-based drive system replaces the typical belt-driven system, and employs two separate bearing cases located on either side of the drive pulley. The unique design provides a properly distributed bearing load and dramatically reduces heat while greatly improving service life. The Maxum developed Bearing Bridge provides 10 to 15 times the "L10" bearing life of older cantilever drives rapidly failing from the uneven overhung belt load.



The Bearing Bridge™ drive system replaces a typical belt-driven approach to reduce heat and extend service life.


Every Maxum Air Device includes standard output flow and pressure data, and every Maxum Blower provides CFM, pressure and horsepower required. As a result, users don’t have to guess or “call the factory” to correctly select Maxum products. Maxum has also developed blower enclosures reducing the operating sound level below 75dB at a three-foot distance. These corrosion resistant polymer enclosures have a small footprint, standard gauges to monitor performance, oversize filters with pre-filters and an integrated skid mount.

Another prime example of Maxum's science-based approach is its new converging and laminar flow technology. With traditional blow-off devices, the focused air starts to expand as soon as it leaves the nozzle. With Maxum's converging and laminar flow technology, the air reaches the part in a stronger, faster, more concentrated form, improving efficiency while saving energy. All Maxumizer® Air Knives, Air Nozzles, & the Patented Nozzle Bar® System employ this converging and laminar flow technology.

Maxum's innovative air blow-off and drying equipment remove water, liquids, and debris, successfully preparing products for assembly, packaging, labelling, inkjet printing, inspection, powder coating, and more, using energy efficient blow-off equipment. Whether it is fruit, vegetables, bottles, cans, metal parts, circuit boards, extrusions, or any other air blow-off application, the Maxum mix of creativity and science ensures the success of your application.


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