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JetAir Launches New PharmaDry

JetAir Technologies announces the launch of its latest product for the pharmaceutical industry, the PharmaDryTM. The PharmaDryTM is a portable system engineered to dry large blenders and tanks quickly, avoiding the long wait times associated with traditional drying.

“When we learned the pharmaceutical industry was spending hours, even days, letting blenders air dry, we knew we could help,” said Rob Miotti, JetAir Technologies’ general manager. “The PharmaDryTM is a tool that saves precious manufacturing time.”


JetAir Pharmacy Blender

The PharmaDryTM uses forced air to dry blenders and tanks up to 2,300 gallons in 30 minutes or less with minimal operator attention.


As the pharmaceutical industry innovates new health solutions, the need to produce multiple products on the same equipment increases. Quick and thorough changeover is critical in moving to this type of flexible manufacturing.

Unfortunately, cleaning and sanitizing stainless steel tanks and blenders between products using traditional methods, like air drying, is time consuming. The primary issue is dry time, requiring hours, even when the tank or blender is alcohol wiped. To eliminate this major delay in production and empower flexible manufacturing, JetAir introduces the PharmaDryTM.

A powerful, state-of-the-art high-efficiency blower drives this rugged, portable system. It uses forced air to dry blenders and tanks up to 2,300 gallons (150 cu. ft.) in 30 minutes or less with minimal operator attention. The PharmaDryTM can also dry parts, tank exteriors, walls and floors.

“The PharmaDryTM dries in a fraction of the time and the [blending] equipment looks better without all of the streaking from residue,” George Paffendorf, GEMCO Technical Center’s director said. “We use the PharmaDryTM to dry small parts too, no more manual wiping, no more alcohol and no more rags.” This drying system allows quick reuse of blenders and eliminates alcohol wipe downs. In short, the PharmaDryTM maximizes production time, blending capacity and facility safety.


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JetAir Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures drying/blow-off systems, high-speed centrifugal blowers, and air knives. Their DirectDrive technology maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing line space usage and maintenance. JetAir’s typical drying or blow-off applications include cans, bottles, jars, and pouches, pharmaceutical products, powder and dust removal, construction materials, fruits and vegetables, electronic, metal, or automotive parts and textiles. Customers include PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, MillerCoors, ABInBev, Georgia Pacific, Cummins Diesel, Kraft Foods and Kroger Bakeries. For more information, please visit