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Hormel Foods Honors Busch with 2017 Spirit of Excellence Award

Hormel Foods Corporation has awarded Busch LLC with a 2017 Spirit of Excellence Award, which is given every year to suppliers that play an important role in the company’s continuous improvement processes. Busch is a contractor of Hormel Foods Corporation, providing vacuum pumps and systems, services and maintenance support. It received the award for the third year in a row. 

Busch Hormel Award

Suppliers of Hormel Foods that qualified for the Spirit of Excellence Award achieved a minimum supplier-rating index of 92 throughout a period of 12 months. Less than 150 suppliers qualify for this award among the 8,000 plus vendors working with Hormel Foods. Suppliers are rated by a quarterly survey of each Hormel Foods plant, including criteria such as meeting performance requirements, on-time delivery and providing high-level customer support. Ratings ensure each supplier adheres to the same standards. Suppliers are divided into the areas of contractors, pork procurement, provisions, ingredients, packaging and transportation.

An increase in the score from 2016 to 2017 was achieved by improving on-site vacuum pump service support but also by increasing training frequency and the quality of product training and maintenance training conducted by Busch field service technicians on-site at Hormel Foods plants throughout the United States. In addition to regular training seminars, Busch employees visit each Hormel Foods plant at least once a month to check on the performance of the vacuum pumps and make sure everything works as requested.

“We are very proud to be honored with the Spirit of Excellence Award by Hormel Foods again this year,” said Charles Kane, General Manager of Busch LLC. “We are continuously working on improving our performance to support Hormel Foods in producing high-quality food products for consumers around the world.”


About Busch

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