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Busch Honored with Hormel Spirit of Excellence Award

Hormel Foods Corporation awarded Busch LLC, for the second consecutive year, the Spirit of Excellence Award. Busch is a contractor of Hormel Foods Corporation, providing vacuum pumps and systems products, services and maintenance support. Award criteria include meeting performance requirements, delivering on-time and providing high-level customer support.


Hormel Foods Award to Busch

Busch has been awarded with the Spirit of Excellence Award from Hormel Foods Corporation for the second consecutive year.


"The suppliers that have earned our Spirit of Excellence Award truly go above and beyond in helping us produce high-quality products for consumers around the world," said Curtis Southard, Hormel Foods’ director of purchasing. "We are proud to partner with these outstanding suppliers, and congratulate them on this achievement."

Today's food packaging and processing industry uses vacuum in a very large number of applications. Busch vacuum pumps guarantee the highest level of product quality and process safety. Major advantages of Busch vacuum pumps include low maintenance, low energy consumption and top-quality performance. Busch has always focused on optimizing food processes, improving productivity with continual investment and research and development for tomorrow's innovations.

Busch is honored and proud to be recognized, once again, by one of their partners in the processing and packaging industry, Hormel Foods.


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